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3D Sex Games

Games that are fully 3D and interactive

3D Sexvilla 2 - Everlust
Generally considered the cream of the crop. Sexvilla 2 is a fully interactive sex simulation with multiple settings, partners and toys. The Thrixxx engine allows full customization of the models from facial features down to body shape and accessories. There is also a rudimentary editing system where you can set up sequences of action and positions to "make your own porn films".
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3D Sexvilla 2

Cherry Dolls
More of a porn simulator than an actual game, Cherry Dolls captures many of the subtleties of steamy sex that other games gloss over. Truly stimulating and one of the few games that your girlfriend won't freak out about.
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cherry dolls

Virtually Jenna
Virtually Jenna takes the high end features of the Thrixxx 3D Sexvilla 2 engine and adds a full simulation of porn star Jenna Jameson. Jenna has her own slut buddies and you have access to most of the same features of Sexvilla 2.
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Virtually Jenna

What would happen if you took the "Hot Coffee" sex fiasco from GTA IV and made it into an entire game? Throw in drugs, partying, Ron Jeremy and a slew of other porn stars and you've got Bonetown. A promiscuous new game from D Dub Software.
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Fight your way through a galaxy of fantasy parody characters in your ongoing mission to locate the ultimate elf pussy. The perfect sex game for hardcore gamers who like it turned up to naughty.
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Virtual Hottie 2
Slick environments and some stunningly rendered 3D models. One time fee for the full version.
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Virtual Hottie 2

3D Girlz
Full 3D simulation. Customizable models. Monthly membership. Multiple scenarios. Uses the Virtual Hottie engine. Warning: has lots of links that bounce you out to AdultFriendFinder.
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3d Girlz

E-Girl 3D
This is a stylish first person simulation with a couple of high resolution models. There is only one girl at a time and currently no male character but the developers make use of many advanced rendering techniques to make the girls as realistic as possible. There is a free demo version available and it is a one time cost to buy the full version. Very reasonably priced.
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E Girl 3D

3D Slut
The predecessor to 3D Sexvilla 2. Not as full featured but surprisingly entertaining. A variety of models and scenarios to choose from. Free with 3D Sexvilla 2.
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3D Slut

Virtual Eve
Two characters. White background. Nice 3D rendering. Free downloadable demo version and only $19.95 for the full version with all the nudity.
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Virtual Eve

Velvet Express
Set on a 1930's era luxury train. This 3D sex game boasts a physics driven animation system and the ability to record your own movies.
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Velvel Express

Active Dolls
Permanently pouting playthings that you can pimp up and pose in a plethora of perverse outfits. One time cost.
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Active Dolls

3D Plaything
Full 3D sex game created by VFX professionals. Customize your models in the "bodyshop". Free demo available. Monthly membership fee for the full version.
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3D Plaything

Alice 3D
Basic 3D girl simulation playable in your browser. Requires a custom plugin to be installed. Demo version available. Monthly subscription for the full version.
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Alice 3D
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