by Naked Artist

3D Gayvilla lets you customize your gay cartoon self and your gay cartoon sexual partners. But YOU get to be the top! You start off with a wad of cash to spend in the Sex Shop. Use it to enhance your sexual experiences by purchasing a wardrobe, sex toys, positions, extra partners,

Twinks, twinks, everywhere and not a chest hair in sight.

you name it. Whoever said “money can’t buy you love” has never played 3D GayVilla 2. Make more money by making your sexual partners cum. In short, get laid and get paid. Use your sexcoins to purchase more wardrobe, props, positions, etc. Take photographs and videos of you and your tricks getting it on. Repeat. Does it sound more like a Los Angeles reality than a video game?

The tutorial was brief and easy to follow. I don’t do a lot of gaming at home, so I don’t have a really souped up machine with a lot of power and options. My low tech system could handle it with ease, which was sooooo great!

The 3D camera makes it possible to change your viewpoint, and get in close up, move around, up and down. It’s like being a fly carrying a camera – very versatile that way, a real plus! It’s easy to mimic the “scrotum cam” of porno movies, and get great shots of cock plunging in and out of ass. There are occasional issues with the 3D whereby characters bodies merge and reassemble oddly for a brief period (in one instance, whilst in 69 handjob-blowjob mode, on the classroom floor, the characters merged at the abdomen, and reassembled like something from the movie “The Thing”) but that appears to be the exception, and not the norm. There is an extensive selection of toys for up the ass, including “organics” (I liked the cornholin’ sound effect of the corn cob gliding in and out) and some things that even the most hardcore shouldn’t attempt, like a dildo mounted on a drill. You can attach just about anything to your nipples, except tit clamps, which I never found in the Sex Shop. The characters are always ready and willing to do

This will be even better once I paint my toenails!

whatever you want, and will even indulge in ATM (Ass To Mouth) with no bitchin’ or complaints, and NO DRAMA! There are some imaginative and amusing settings. I really dig the doggy machine in the S&M club! Some great “shots” are possible, especially the “facials” and “pearl necklaces” on the extra special cum shots! You can drag an ice cube across someone’s taint, or plant a phantom tongue on an anus and keep it there. Excellent! It’s a good thing for that phantom tongue, because without it, it is doubtful that anyone would ever get rimmed in this game and that would be a crying shame. Is swirling the ice cube or phantom tongue around gonna wear out my mouse?

The game is a bit too easy – it’s populated by young guys who all seem to have hair-trigger prostates. You can make someone cum just by effortlessly plugging away at their ass. You can rig a character up with dildos, etc. and walk away from the game and leave it to play on its own, and they’ll cum on their own. The most difficult feat is shoving a toy up a top’s ass whilst he is thrusting his cock at high speeds into the bottom’s ass.

What’s with all the twinks? Although there is variety in terms of the characters race and ethnicity, there is a certain boring sameness when it comes to body type. It’s a bit underwhelming. They’re all young, smooth skinned, finely muscled and toned, and dull, dull, dull. All of the characters seem to share the same voice – what a let down! They’re a generic sort of S & M (Stand & Model) crowd that leaves you wanting, well, less. While you can customize the character’s appearances, it only goes so far. The default is for smooth, pubeless “boys”. No matter how much work you do on them, they’re still gonna be pretty, and you can’t turn them into “men”. For example, no matter how high you dial up the “body hair” option, you’ll only get a light dusting of hair on anyone, still not much in the way of pubes, and the scrotum stays closely shorn. How

This is your Captain speaking “mmmphmslrp …

about a bit of hair in the old ass trench? I think the producer spent a bit too much time on customizing make up options and crap like that for the characters, and not enough on developing their maleness. The guys are always clean and pristine, just like Ken dolls. Is this what Ken and the boys get up to when Barbie and her friends are out of town? The sex is a bit vanilla and predictable. Cock in mouth. Cock in ass. Handjob. 3-way. The sex is also a bit sterile and unrealistic. The cocks are always hard and ready – you NEVER have to get someone up (or lube someone up)! There is no sweat. No spit. No pre-cum. No santorum. No accidental poop. No map-of-the-world sweat stains on the mattress. And just like in real life, nobody gets an STD. It’s like watching a bunch of Stepford gays getting it on. To the game’s credit, however, it does have an exciting “cream pie” feature whereby you can make jizz leak out of someone’s mouth or ass after they’ve taken a load there. Nice!

Hmmm .. I wonder if I left the lights on?

It seems a lot of effort was put into making the 3D effects possible, and not so much on features. The dialogue is not very well developed. The same phrases are repeated over and over, just like in so much substandard gay porn: “Make me cum” , “Move your tongue around more”, “Oh, I like that”. The only thing missing is the standard “suck that cock!”. The soundtrack features a brief, looping, cheesy porn groove. Could we have a bit more tempo? Perhaps turn it up a notch when someone is getting ready to bust a nut? The monotony of the same old thing looping over and over is a bit much to take at times. I found it running through my head whilst at work. How’d that cheesy porn groove brain worm get in there?

Here are some enhancements that I’d like to see:

  • Customizations: Age. Body mass. Foreskin. Pubes. Ass hair. Sweat. Precum. Tan lines. Maybe a “heavy load” cum shot option for the bottom.
  • Accessories: tit clamps. Piercings. More leather and latex gear. How about some lube? Poppers? drugs, and alcohol? Suction pump? Enema? HOW ABOUT A JOCKSTRAP for christ’s sake. What’s with all that sports gear and no Jock Strap? Shame! You can have an “Angel Belt” in this game but no JOCKSTRAP? WTF?!?! Maybe the game producer should take a field trip to a gay sex shop and see what they have for sale there. If it’s available in a store, or online, gay guys playing this game will want to buy it for their characters.
  • Positions: 69 Rim/blow or 69 rim/handjob or 69 rim/rim. (I didn’t find the rim position, other than with the portable tongue). Fisting. Spanking. Double penetration. Maybe even a good old fashioned moustache ride, circle jerk or gang bang. How about something considerate like jerking off your bottom while you fuck their ass?
  • Sound: How about a bit more dialogue? Or some raunchy Potty Talk? Would a bit of variety with the cheesy porn groove sound track be too much to ask?

3D Gay Villa 2 can be fairly enjoyable ride, yet I find it often falls short of a mind boggling orgasm. Perhaps the experience would be enhanced if the game were a bit more engaging, and a little less of an easy play. In real life, we place more value on things that we have to work for, and less on what is handed to us. Maybe the game should start off with less cash (or maybe none) in the bank, and therefore less cash available for you to set yourself up from the getgo. Maybe I would have had more fun if I had to start off with a handjob or blowjob and work my way up to a fuck, or 3-way, or fisting experience. And there was no way of losing money (no bad tricks stealing your wallet, no STD’s requiring a dose of something costly to cure it), only ways to spend it. Still, the game is entertaining enough to play for hours on end. It lets you be the gay stud of your dreams! Never lose your hard-on! Cum again and again and again! Ooh baby, let me make you cum just one more time!


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