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Computer sex games have been around almost as long as the personal PC. Certainly as long as computers have had any kind of graphic capabilities. The quest for interactive porn will continue right up to the point that we have “holodeck” sex on our lunch breaks. That might be “couple” of more years yet but hyper-realistic graphics and desktop superdupercomputers are bringing us closer every day to that kinky “reality”. It is now possible to customize your “virtual mate” by adjusting her breasts, clothing, hair, race and makeup. The latest 3D sex games even allow you to customize facial features or even to recreate someone from real world. Realistic environments enhance the fantasies in settings ranging from the sublime (floating in the clouds) to ultra kinky dungeons, everyday offices and bedrooms.

SinVR Review

Virtual Reality porn games get you one step closer to entering the matrix of sexual fantasy. Is SinVr a good place to start?

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Red Light Center Interview

Our exclusive interview with Brian Shuster, the mastermind behind Red Light Center and a number of multiplayer online ventures. Good reading!

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3DX Chat Review

Stunning graphics, hot sex and real people to fuck with. This up and cumming chatroom is a whole new experience in 3D sex games.

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Red Light Center Review

Red Light Center is an online real-time massively multiplayer fuck fest. Join our shameless reviewer as he goes on a quest to penetrate and inseminate this brave new sex world.

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Hentai 3D 2 Review

Tentacle porn and biohazard robots meet schoolgirls and stewardesses in an anime orgy. This review explores the darker side of this 3D Hentai sex game from Thrixxx.

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Bonetown Review

The bastard child of GTA and Sexvilla 2. How can can you go wrong with a game starring legendary porn star Ron Jeremy? Bobocat does a full muff dive into this modern classic.

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Cherry Dolls Review

Cherry Dolls is more of an interactive porno film than an actual game. This doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to play because it is. There just isn’t a lot of “gameplay” in it. There are no customization screens or sex shops hawking leather pants, ball gags and greased up corncobs. Just pick a girl, pick a place and start porking. If only life was that easy!.

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3D Sexvilla 2 Review

Our rogue reviewer probes around in the deepest 3D Sex Game on the planet. Sexvilla lets you customize your “actors” right down to their facial features and exaggerated juicy bits. You can even create custom smut movies. Multiple scenarios range from classrooms to kinky bondage and there is a massive online community making mods.

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