Advertising and Earnings Disclaimer

As you can tell, displays a variety of advertising on this site. In general, we get paid for clickthrough actions taken by you on those sites (ordering products, sign-ups, etc).

In many cases text links to a site in a review are also affliliate links. This means that we will get paid as in the example above should you purchase products or sign up for a site after clicking on one of these links.

We do not have an advertising affiliation with every product, site, or service that we write about. In addition (as you can clearly read) we do not write reviews for the sole purpose of promoting products. Nor do we write reviews for the sole purpose of including advertising links. We strive to review all products that fall under the subject matter of this site without bias.

On occasion we do receive promotional copies for review or short term memberships for the purposes of review. This is a common practice for review sites and does not influence our review. We do not offer a paid review service and we do not receive compensation for writing reviews.

Banner ads are handpicked by us and are complimentary to the products that we review on We select advertising that we feel is appropriate. I.e. you won’t see ads for dating sites or teeth whitening on SexgameReviews.

We have added a permanent link on the main navigation area of the site that links to this disclosure. This document will be updated as changes are made to the site and our advertising policies.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our advertising policies please contact us here.