Interview with with Maximus M. Baptist VIII Creator of Bonetown and Bonecraft

by Bobocat

editor’s note: Since this interview came out, Bonecraft has been released and can be purchased here.
Bonecraft the Game
Sexgame Reviews recently had the opportunity to talk to Maximus Baptist VIII of D-Dub Software. D-Dub are the depraved geniuses behind Bonetown.
Max Baptist VIII
MB: Yeah, Max is fine.
SGR: Why did you guys get into sex games?
MB: Well, we’ve always liked sex and we’ve always liked games and we figured that no one’s been doing it very properly. So we thought from a gamer’s perspective, not really a sex/3D aspect. So we were like why not do it. So we put together a demo and got funding and then hired a staff of people and built the game.
SGR: How long did it take to build Bonetown?
MB: I took about 3, 3 and a half years. Somewhere in-between there.
SGR: That’s great. That’s a big commitment. That’s like the same as a big budget game pretty much.
MB: Yeah. And we had about a staff around seven people for probably two and a half solid years. So it was definitely intense.
In Ron we trust
SGR: What was it like working with Ron Jeremy?
MB: It’s awesome. The guy’s awesome. He’s extremely smart but people don’t really ever think to talk to him about anything besides his dick. So it’s like once you get past that he’s a really, really smart guy. Um, it doesn’t always show but he knows about anything. You could ask him about anything and he’ll give you an answer. He’s a cool guy. You know. He’s a little odd, but who’s not?
SGR: Cool. I read his autobiography. It was pretty interesting.
MB: It is yeah. He’s an interesting fellow.
SGR: If you were going to make Bonetown again what would you do differently?
MB: Um, I’d make it a lot smaller. Fill the areas. As opposed to it being thirteen areas have all the content of the game in just downtown major. Have side areas too but really focus on the filling. All the gameplay in a smaller area. Make that area extremely fun and dense. Then move on to expanding to other areas. To me it felt like you have to run around a lot. You have to get around this huge world, which is an awesome world but it’s just one or two missions per level. If it was thirteen missions per level and then all the side missions as well all in one area it would feel a lot fuller in my opinion.
SGR: Have you guys done more of that in BoneCraft?
MB: Yeah. And BoneCraft’s not going to be this huge free roaming world either. It’s going to be a lot more direct storyline with cinematics and really focusing on a linear story. A linear story that has direction as opposed to a more roaming go pick your adventure, figure out how to do something. This is going to be definitely a lot more direct.
SGR: I see. So less open world.
MB: Yes. It will still have the free roaming aspects. Just a lot of it is more storyline and more mission driven.
Tiger’s gets his 10 wood out
SGR: Can you tell me a bit about the Tiger Woods sex game?
MB: Yeah, whenever the scandal hit we thought about it and we thought you know why not make a Tiger Woods little sex game. It wasn’t much, it was just a mod. We put in a new character, some new voices, some new girl voices. It really was not a brand new game. We utilized everything from Bonetown. It was pretty much just the Musky Thong nightclub with Tiger Woods in it. We just thought it would be fun. Took us two weeks to make. It was just fun for us. We had a connection with some art from that girl Michelle Bombshell that we could have and use in the game so we just thought it would be fun and it was.
SGR: Yeah. I played it. It was cool.
MB: Thank you..
SGR: What are your thoughts on modding. There seems to be a lot of interest from people in getting in there and customizing characters and art.
MB: We’ve been talking about it a lot actually lately. But BoneCraft is just so much on our plate. It’s definitely something we’re talking about. I think it would be awesome and I think people would really appreciate it. I think it would be great …. It’s just the time to build and test the tools.
SGR: So is BoneCraft basically Bonetown in space?
MB: BoneCraft is a parody on WOW and Starcraft. We are changing quite a bit. We’re adding a lot of stuff. I can’t really give it away but we’re adding an amazing amount of cool shit. It’s definitely a mod. We’re using the same areas and building new buildings and adding new characters. It’s not gonna be in outer space it will be in the forest like World of Warcraft and it definitely has the space marines like Starcraft.
SGR: Of course – you have space dudes because this is all the “craft” not just Warcraft. Will you be able to have sex with five breasted bimbo elves?
MB: Ha ha. Uh … No comment.
SGR: How about sleazy robots?
MB: Ummm … maybe.
SGR: My other question which we’ve kind of answered .. the trailer looks more like a space saga than like a D&D type world.
MB: That’s in the elf brothel.
SGR: And that’s on a planet?
MB: Yeah that’s on a planet.
SGR: Can you travel to different planets?
MB: No. Not currently.
SGR: Can you tell me something about your character in the game?
MB: Umm.. not right now. Right now … no.
SGR: Will there be any kind of character customization?
MB: I can’t say.
Ummm … elf pussy
SGR: Can you say anything about the storyline?
MB: Yeah! A bunch of drunken space marines crash into a planet. They find out that there’s Orcs and they find out that there’s Elves and that there’s a brothel of elves. It’s a battle and a quest to get to the Elf pussy. And once you finally get to the brothel there’s lots of surprises that come.
SGR: Cool. What zany stereotypical characters can we expect there?
MB: The elves are kind of fruity. Kind of gay. But they won’t ever admit it. The Orc are going to be real cockney kind of pieces of shit that are sick of their nasty Orc pussy. They want Elf pussy. And the marines are going to be drunken ass motherfuckers.
SGR: Ha ha. That’s great.
MB: Kind of like southern drunks.
SGR: Sounds awesome.
MB: We added guns and a ton of new weapons for the Orcs. And some … oh I can’t say that. Yea, actually I can, we added blood to the game.
SGR: The irony is that you’ll get banned for sex rather than blood.
MB: I know. I know. I’d love to do an interview at another time about sex in video games. The whole stereotypes, the issues that are holding us back. It’s something that I am extremely passionate about and I research all the time.
SGR: That’s great. I would definitely like to do that as a follow up.
SGR: So I just have a couple more questions. What color is Orc spunk?
MB: [Thinks …] Flourescent green .. no I don’t know. Probably white.
SGR: I like flourescent green.
MB: We might – actually that’s a good idea. I’m going to go tell my partners right now. We need to make the Orc spunk a different color.
Now that’s a stiffy!
SGR: Any comments on the full body condom suit [in the trailer]?
MB: It’s awesome! You know, it’s easy to get STD’s nowadays even just by kissing a girl. If you’re kissing her through a full body condom you can rest assured you’re not gonna get nothing. You know? I think it’s a great idea. I endorse it.
SGR: Any thoughts on a multi-player environment in the future?
MB: Yes. But … not without a ton of money. MMO is just so much … there’s so much testing. It’s a beast. SGR: Any update on the release date? MB: Nope. This year.
SGR: That’s great! Thanks for talking with us today. Can’t wait for BoneCraft!

Check out the BoneCraft website here and stay tuned for updates!