by Bobocat

Futuristic 3D sex game from Somavision

Unfortunately, this babesky doesn’t
show up in the game

Digamour sounds promising at first. A futuristic spunk sucking RPG! You play a sex slave robot in 2074 Paris roaming around looking to please. You gain experience points and cash for servicing space pervs which you can then use to upgrade your “assets”. Rinse and repeat. Interesting concept, unfortunately the implementation is pretty weak.

I started out in a trekkie-like space corridor where I had the choice of customizing my robo-slut or upgrading her artificial sex intelligence. I was too broke to do either . One thing I liked though was the ability to put a bit of weight on her. Not quite BBW status but better than a toothpick. I fattened her up and headed for the streets.

The city of Paris in 2074 is pretty barren. There are a lot of pointy buildings and stadiums. A few pixelated mountains melting in the distance. I couldn’t even find a friendly StarFucks. My sex avatar glided in vain through the empty streets searching for anything fuckable. No space pirates, smelly hobos, stray poodles. Nada. Adjusting the camera too far down allowed me to peek under the world and see that the character wasn’t quite touching the ground. There weren’t any horny Parisians under there either.

That’s a big Euro!

I eventually found an oversized spinning Euro that looked like something Mario might have missed. Perhaps he was around here somewhere hiding in one of those futuristic pipes just waiting to plumb by butt cheeks. No such luck.

But wait! There was one of those green pointy things from the robo-slut instruction manual! Calloo Callay! Moving into it gave me the option of starting up a sex scene to earn some more of those gigantic Euros. Sounded peachy to me so I popped in looking forward to some Holodeck fucky sucky.

Signposts of the future

I found myself on a speedy train with some horny dude wearing a Tron costume. I picked something promising from the glossy fuck icons and geared up to service Game-Boy. We assumed the position but seemed to be frozen in place like a statue in Hugh Hefner’s grotto. Pushing the sex controls got a little spinning Tron disk whipping around and my Robo-Slut started to grind away. There were some really squishy noises that sounded like a someone dropping a dildo into a puddle. Hey – it’s the future. Anything could happen! After a few failed attempts I caught on that you had to time your “thrusts” to match the spinning ball/disc thing. Successful thrust-matching rewarded me with sparkly words like “great!” and started to fill up the various on-screen orgasm meters.

>Hurry up baby! I only gots four hours for lunch!

Eventually my customer hit the top of the meter and popped some pecker grease onto my robo-flesh. The bucks were rolling in now! I exited the train only to find that I had the option of doing it all again. OK – what the hey. This time I had a beefy dude that looked like he was taking a break from building pointy grey towers. I served up some robo-pleasure and he was on his happy way.

After a few more train fucks I returned to the Girl Lab to see what $5000 Euros would buy me. Absolutely zip! Not even a new haircut. Back to the old fucking board for me.

According to the manual: “As you continue your experience through the world of Digamour, you will begin to unlock all of the sexual options you will need to enter into all areas of the city. Only then will you have sex with the most wealthy and influential members of society to fully reach your goal to become the ultimate porn star.” Alright, let’s dig in and see if we can work our way up to high class robo-hooker.

Hallelujah! Siri was never like this.

I scouted around picking up more coins and sampled a few more of the pointy green “location” thingies. Some of the locations included an art gallery (the Louvre perhaps? I didn’t see any “Moaning Lisa”) and a church. It would have been a nice touch to screw a hunchback or a priest in that location but no such luck. Same old Tron-boys and fat construction workers.

I finally managed to earn enough experience points and cash that I felt I had a good chance of buying something. Unfortunately while scouting around for a sex upgrade cafe I got stuck in a piece of sidewalk! I struggled in vain but I couldn’t get out. There must have been some kind of futuristic nuclear strength robo-dogshit or something. The “manual” did say to use the “Y” key if you get stuck in something but it didn’t work. I was unable to save and lost my hard won experience points. Ugh!


Digamour has the distinct look and feel of a game that is still in beta. There are lots of camera issues and the character floats above the ground. The movement controls are inconsistent – the arrow keys walk your character around while the WASD keys make you glide unrealistically over the ground like some hoverboarding Jesus. In the sex scenes there is absolutely no animation unless you are doing something. You can move the camera around but the characters are basically statues.

Sure thing! Anything to get out of this empty wasteland

The world is vast and … empty. There are a lot of pointy futuristic buildings but no people. The point of the game is to build up experience points and cash so you can upgrade your robo-slut. Now as I see it there are two reasons to play a sex game. One is to get some wood and the other would be to actually have a bit of gameplay. Digamour fails on both these counts. There is an inkling of gameplay here but it’s so rough around the edges that it just isn’t fun enough to keep you interested. As for the arousal part you are lucky if the model says one thing during the course of each sex act. Even that usually has nothing to do with what is going on. The onscreen text said “Pound Her Pussy” while she was giving a blowjob.

The game needs some serious balancing. You shouldn’t have to fuck half the city to earn enough for a haircut.

Would you like fries with your DD’s?

The upgrades in the sex shop don’t have prices on them. I was picking up as many oversized Euros as I could but I still had no idea if I was getting close to being able to purchase something.

The problem with the stroke-matching interface is that I found myself looking at the spinning balls all the time and not at the tepid onscreen action. Changing this interface so you were focused on the characters would be a vast improvement and would feel much more like you are participating. The Guitar Hero style beat matching is a great idea with a lot of potential. They just haven’t tapped into any of it yet.

Digamour isn’t quite ready for prime time. They need to go back and do some focus testing with a couple of gaming pervs. Tweak the gameplay so that you don’t have to work so hard and make the game more hard-on inducing. I’ll keep you posted if and when they do that.

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