Yes you read that right!

It is possible to play sex games on your DS. Since mainstream DS games have to be approved by Nintendo you won’t find anything at your local game store but there is a thriving homebrew underground for DS applications. In order to run homebrew DS games you need a memory card like the SuperCard or Revolution. Then you can download and run homebrew apps.

Once you get the memory card you simply copy these .nds files to the card, pop it in your DS and your off to the sex races! Most of these games are pretty lame compared to other games reviewed on this site but there is a special thrill to running “naughty” games on your DS. These memory cards also allow you to run mainstream DS games downloaded from the net – but that’s another story.

There is an excellent selection of DS memory cards at ElectroBee. I personally recommend the SuperCard as being super easy to use and reliable.

Strip Rock Paper Scissors
A quick little entry that will keep you amused for about 5 minutes. Strictly softcore but it’s running on your DS! Woohoo!
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strip rock paper scissors

Tickle Girl
A multimedia experience where you interact with a virtual vixen via the touchscreen. Tickle different areas of your dream girl to watch her reaction. Utilizes full motion video, sampled audio and looping background music. A unique fusion of video gaming with media art, TickleGirl is less like a game and more like an experience. If you liked Feel The Magic, then you’ll love this.
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tickle girl

Teenage Queen
Slow paced strip poker ported from the Amiga. If nothing else it will make you nostalgic for those glory days of 4096 colors.
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Teenage Queen

Ya Ya XX
Whack-a-mole style game with a dirty french dude.
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ya ya xx

Virus DS
The best way to improve your basic puzzle game is to add some scantily clad Anime nurses. Mmmm … exploding viruses.
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Virus DS