Editor’s note: This review is for the full unlocked version of SinVR. The free-to-play version comes with one girl and one location but can be easily upgraded.
Wait! I haven’t done anything yet!
I’m long overdue to review some VR games and SinVR looked like a great place to start. This elaborate sex sim is the product of a team of industry professionals that have come together to try their hands at sailing the VR wave. There were some nice surprises in store for me.

VReeady Set Go!

The game detected my Oculus Rift right away which was great. The last thing you need is messy technical issues when you’re primed for a nice virtual fuck. The circular lobby offers a wide selection of harlets to choose from. Many of the models are parody versions of real celebrities. There’s a Britney, Scarlett, Jessica Rabbit and a few I didn’t recognize. The likenesses are pretty good. Kind of like a virtual fappening.
Wonder-Slut rides me like a fierce Amazon!
I chose the Wonder Woman clone to lose my VRginity with and I was presented with a plethora of environments. The London back-alley seemed a good place to start. My virtual super-whore was waiting and enthusiastic. We jumped right into some cowgirl action. Diana chatted away in character as she eagerly raised my flagpole and proceeded to ride it to victory. There were some great sound effects and lots of jiggling as she bounced on my dick. I used the Rift controllers to grab her hips, tussle her hair and bat her titties around. Pretty sweet. An orgasm meter to the side indicated her growing arousal level.
That instructor is fully loaded
There is a floating gaze menu that you can look at to change positions but I decided to ride this position out for the time being. WW’s voice acting and moans got more frantic as she approached her peak. Cool as this was, it would have been nice to have a bit more control over the action. I didn’t real feel like anything I was doing really pushed things forward. Hell, I’ll take what I can get. She seemed to be having a good time. I was hoping for a nice display of orgasmic fireworks overhead or to see her turn into a mass of quivering wonder-jelly but she came quietly like a lady and we started again. I was lusting for some big titty action next so I selected the Jessica Rabbit clone for some slapstick boinking. There’s nothing like a buxom bunny to soothe the beast in your pants! This time I selected the shooting range. When arrived Jessica was being “trained” by a large-breasted girly-boy cop with a huge hard-on. I jumped into the cop’s head using my prolific VR skills and in no time Jessica’s heavy hooters were bouncing playfully as my avatar pumped happily away.
You look at the menu to change positions because … your hands are occupied
I slapped her big breasts around with the Oculus touch controllers . The boob physics are a nice touch. Not always realistic but lots of fun. I was able to grab her hips more easily in this scenario and drive the fucking action.
Finally! These touch controllers are coming in useful.
Changing positions in the game is done using the gaze menu. You simply look at something you want for a few seconds to select it. This works quite well and keeps your hands free for nipple tweaking. For my next encounter I tried out Britney in the Test Chamber. This location was super cool. My willing subject was strapped into a giant X-shaped mech-harness ready to receive my deviant advances. There was a little button panel nearby that actually functioned and allowed me to move the robo-arms around! She squealed with terror/delight as I manipulated her restraints. The icing on this arrangement was selecting the 69 position from the gaze menu. With a satisfying whirr the apparatus spun upside down and positioned her on my virtual cock! She was still rather chatty with my dick down her throat but you have to just suspend disbelief at some point and thrust away.
In the future everyone will have one of these in their kitchen.
I took one last trip toward VRgasm in the Russian space station with the Scarlett Johansson clone. She was floating around amongst an assortment of props and stray vodka bottles. We tried a few different positions and tossed some of the props around. I offered her some vodka but she wasn’t interested. Not much point since she was already naked and willing but sometimes it’s nice to go through the motions of foreplay.
Hold still Scarlett! The manual says two twists to the left will fix this thing.

Summary Impressions

I really liked the voice acting throughout. Many characters have custom dialogue which adds some nice variety. The speech is often tailored specifically to the character. Wonder woman goes on about how she is a prime example of an Amazon  and the Harley Quinn clone quotes her lines from the film. There are also a variety of different voices. The inclusion of celebrity look-a-likes is a great feature and there are lots of different scenarios to use and abuse them in. Some likenesses are better than others but a few are spot-on. Many locations have clever features like the robot arms and the space station. Hopefully there will be new environments released as the product continues development.
Tonight’s menu of willing slut puppies
I appreciated that the game was playable both in VR and on the desktop. The VR version is certainly preferable as you can use the hand controllers to fondle the models but either will work for the sim. The character animation and character physics are decent. There isn’t a huge selection of different positions but I’m OK with that. There is lots of variety in the models and the environments. I would have liked to have my character’s arms attached to the controllers so it felt more like my hands were honking her tits. Aside from slapping said titties, brushing her hair and grabbing her hips there isn’t a lot to do as a player. I never really felt like I was driving the action or having her respond in a significant way to what I was doing. This would feel more immersive if the character responded more directly to your actions. If you don’t do anything she will still get off. In the cowgirl pose I felt a bit like a headless corpse providing pleasure to a lusty necrophiliac. The positions where you are on top feel more realistic. There is also no cumshot that I could find. It’s always nice to exercise your inner Picasso with a little spunk painting. Hopefully that will show up in a future release.
Up for some cosplay kitty?
My favorite part of the whole experience was the way each character and environment felt unique. They were more than just re-skinned versions of the same thing. Characters have different voices and dialogue and there is something new to discover in each location. Kudos for making that happen. Apparently there’s a dragon and a dwarf in there somewhere as well. Possibly having a 3-some with a sexy pop star if we’re lucky. Overall SinVR is a well crafted, quality product. Not quite photo-realistic in the graphics department but very passable for VR standards. The frame rate is good so you don’t get nauseous while you’re virtually thrusting.  The models are jiggly and the many likenesses are convincing. Decent voice acting, active scenarios and a solid development team. There are a few different payment options where you can purchase individual models, sets of characters or a reasonably priced all-you-can-eat subscription. You can also support the developers through their Patreon page. The game runs on Rift, Vive and Windows desktop. I highly recommend checking this out if you’re looking for a fun VR porn experience. Click here to download the free version of SinVR